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About us

David Cervelló art gallery is the second generation of art dealers, gallery founded in 1998.
Specialists national masters XIX and XX and the vanguard of postwar Spanish.

In the section drawing for which we feel we are making predilection always extraordinary, unprecedented and unique works, work involved great difficulty and dedication.

It is through your trust friends and customers as we have access to private collections, always looking for excellence and exclusivity in the acquisition and management of works of art.

Masters of the XIX and XX as Rusiñol, Casas, Regoyos, Mir, Solana, Sorolla, Meifren Vanguardia …. and classical Valdes, Tàpies, Barceló, Millares, or Plensa Genovés among others and domestic modernists with Miro, Picasso and Dali to the head that we have had and we are fortunate to acquire or manage colecionistas for private, public institutions and foundations.

Management and advisory art collections, appraisals, ratings and insurance, restoration and conservation.

David Cervelló


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